How To Build A Brushless Whoop

I’ve already written a few guides on building whoops (here, here, and here) so this is more a companion article to my YouTube video on the same subject. The other objective is to build a lightweight whoop.

Parts and Equipment

For this build, I used the following:

  1. Crazybee Frsky FC and ESC
  2. URUAV UR65 AIO camera (Happymodel HCF9 AIO Camera)
  3. Makerfire DX0603 16000KV motors (alternative Racerstar BR0603B 16000KV Motors or Happymodel SE0603 16000KV motors)
  4. URUAV UR65 65mm frame kit (Happymodel 65mm frame kit)
  5. Rakonheli clear canopy
  6. Rakonheli 31mm triblade propellers
  7. Soldering iron
  8. Soldering wire
  9. Desoldering pump
  10. Flux
  11. Wire snips
  12. Double-sided tape

Build Procedure

  1. Tin the camera wires
  2. Put the camera into the canopy
  3. Tin the battery connector pigtail
  4. Tin the video pads of the FC
  5. Tin the power pads of the FC
  6. Solder the battery connector pigtail to the FC
  7. Solder the camera wires to the FC
  8. Mount the motors to the frame
  9. Mount the props on the motors
  10. Mount the electronics onto the frame
  11. Connect the motor plugs to the motor sockets.
  12. Check continuity between B+ and B- with a multitester. There should be NO continuity
  13. Done!