Pre-Nuptial Photo Shoot

When I first heard the term, “pre-nup” from Crissy,I thought was referring to a pre-nuptial agreement between her and then-fiance Jimmy. I was surprised because I thought it was something reserved only for the mega-rich. I turned out that she was referring to a pre-wedding photo shoot. Kinda made sense :P

When I saw the results, during their wedding reception, as well as in others’, I was mightily unimpressed. The objective, it seemed to me, was to capture a regular day in the life of the engaged couple. But for some reason, there was something wrong and it looked fake… staged. I resolved back then that I won’t have anything to do with it.

Fast forward to now when Michelle and I just finished our own “pre-nup” shoot (guess who wanted the shoot and who agreed out of love :P). I was scanning through the photos and recalled how, during the shoot, the photographer and the videographer were making us do poses we wouldn’t do in reality. They were awkward, uncomfortable, and just plain off. That, I think, is why the photos looked fake and staged.

Something to watch out for when I shoot “pre-nups” :P

2008 March 19 to 22 Pagudpud Road Trip

Just got back from Pagudpud aka The Boracay of the North. It’s an unfair comparison, really. Sure both have white sands, both have great water, and both are overrated beach destinations. But Pagudpud is much less congested. That alone makes it way better in my book.

It’s a trip that Bing and I have been planning for a long time. We actually planned to do it summer of 2007 but the plans fell through and Bing and I ended up at Putipot with Erwin. That was also one great trip but still not the same. So we kept the fire burning and now we’ve finally done it!

As usual, the hardest part is gathering up committed people interested in going. After considerable effort, we were able to gather nine: Rein, Jessie, Bing, and I together with Len, her friend Maye, Paul, Ann, and Val. But Len, Maye, and Jessie backed out close to the trip date. Good thing Roly stepped in and joined at the last minute. And so with seven people, off we went.

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Motorcycle Riding Dog

Driving home tonight, I saw a motorcycle riding dog perched precariously behind the rider. It’s so unbelievable it didn’t register for a full second or two. But as soon as it did, I whipped out my phone but it was already too late and he was gone. Maybe I should rig a forward-looking camera like those in police cruisers.

Pentax K100D Storage and Firmware Upgrade

Picked up a SanDisk 4GB microSDHC package to upgrade the storage capacity of my Pentax K100D. The package because contains a 4GB microSD, an SD adapter, and a USB SD reader so I figured it’s a good deal. As soon as I got home I excitedly plugged the microSD into the adapter and the adapter into the camera. Memory card error. WTH? I removed the adapter, plugged it into the reader, and plugged that into the PC. Works fine. I did a search and discovered that, as I suspected, the camera does not support SDHC! Fortunately, there is a version 1.02 firmware update that provides support for SDHC. I promptly downloaded and started the update. After a few tense minutes (there is always that risk of turning your beloved electronic gadget into a brick) the update completed. I restarted the camera and lo and behold: 1386 photos at highest resolution and best quality!

Rodec-Weng Wedding

Last week, Rodec (aka Bob) texted me reminding me about his wedding. He then went on and said he noticed I take good photos and asked if I can be a backup photographer during the wedding :P I’ve never photographed a wedding but who can say no to that, right? Haha.

So during the wedding. I was walking around everywhere in my barong, slacks, and not-too-comfy dress shoes taking photos. At one point, the sakristan asked me to stay back as I was intruding into Jesus’ personal space. Apologies for not knowing the wedding shoot conventions. Won’t happen again :D

Difficulties with conventions aside, there’s also the dim church interior. It definitely calls for a larger aperture or a flash. I dislike the latter though because it’s a bit obtrusive (I’m just a backup photographer after all) and drains batteries (I’m using the pop-up flash and didn’t have spare batteries).

Also, there’s the pace of things. Although things at a wedding mostly go at a snail pace, some things happen so fast you literally only have one shot at it. Yes, I screwed up the kissing the bride part (darn darn darn!). I definitely need to improve my focusing and snap shooting skills.

And thus went my first wedding photo shoot.