Samsung LCD TV Repairs

Around two weeks ago, the display of the TV started becoming washed out and eventually became negative. I did some research and learned it could be the expensive inverter board. I called Samsung service and they scheduled a visit. They diagnosed the problem as the timing control (TCON) board. That was a huge relief to me. But the board still had to be ordered so they scheduled another visit. Today, the technician arrived with a new board and quickly installed it. Voila, TV fixed. And Jeanne was glad she finally got her big screen back and not settling on the 7.9″ iPad mini. Sometimes bigger is better.

The Walking Dead

I’ve been following The Walking Dead since it’s short first season last year. It was reasonably interesting but got stuck in a rut when the party checked in to the farm. Everything was going downhill with so much blabbing that some people were joking that it should be called “The Talking Dead”. Fortunately, the last two episodes ramped it up pretty quick with quite a few unexpected events (offing of some major characters), a whole lot of action (Farmville goes up in flames), and a whole lot of changes actual (Rick, finally) and promised (Michonne, The Prison). So now I’m back to looking forward to season 3. It’s gonna be a long wait till fall. Good thing Game of Thrones is due to start soon.