Building A Better BWhoop B06

The Boldclash BWhoop B06 is a good entry-level brushless whoop. However, it has a few problems for me. First, the motors are not good. There are reported problems of shaft collets and bushings falling off. Second, the FC has no OSD. Third, I prefer my whoops tiny, and by that I mean 65mm (okay, a smaller version is supposedly out but it’s not yet widely available). So I build a better BWhoop B06.

Parts and Equipment

For this build, I used the following:

  1. Boldclash BWhoop B06 65mm frame kit
  2. Rakonheli 31mm 1mm shaft 3-blade clear propellers
  3. Beecore Brushless FC and ESC
  4. Flysky RX2A Pro Receiver
  5. Turbowing Cyclops 2 5.8G 48CH 25mW VTX
  6. Kingkong 800TVL 150 degree FOV camera
  7. Racerstar BR0703 Racing Edition 15000KV Motors
  8. Soldering iron
  9. Soldering wire
  10. Desoldering pump
  11. Flux
  12. Wire snips
  13. Double-sided tape

Build Procedure

  1. Start by adding plugs to the motors. I left around 20mm wires for the motors and 10mm wires for the picoblade connectors
  2. Insert shrink tubings and solder the motor wires to the connector wires. This is probably the hardest part of the build. You will need to trim the motor wires and strip the ends. Then, set your iron to 400°C, add some solder to the tip and  burn off the copper wire’s coating. Finally, solder with your iron set to 350°C and use flux.
  3. Shrink the tubings. You can optionally add another bigger shrink tubing over the smaller ones.
  4. Motors are ready
  5. Review flight controller pad layout
  6. Solder the motor sockets to the FC
  7. Solder a battery pigtail connector to the FC
  8. Solder the RX wires to the FC
  9. Solder the VTX and camera wires to the FC.
  10. Mount the motors.
  11. Mount the electronics onto the frame
  12. Install the props and the canopy
  13. Connect the motor plugs to the motor sockets and put on the battery holder.
  14. Check continuity between B+ and B- with a multitester. There should be NO continuity.
  15. Cross your fingers, plug-in the battery and check for magic smoke
  16. Done!