Baby Brother

Last night, while we were having dinner, Jeanne suddenly exclaimed “Mommy, can I have a baby brother, please.” We all smiled and I joked “Do you want to buy one at the mall?”. She replied “You buy vegetables at the mall.” Oops, right you are, Jeanne.

Michelle added “Do you want to go like one of those kids on Facebook holding signs that go ‘Mommy said if I get a million likes, I get a baby brother'”. First time I heard of that. Guess that’s what you get for not having a Facebook account. Heh. Anyway, it shouldn’t take a million likes. It just takes two likes: the boy to like the girl, and the girl to like the boy :P

Truth Vs Faith

Here’s a good one from Uncle Vic as relayed to me by Michelle:

When a woman says “That’s my baby.” That’s truth.

When a man says “That’s my baby.” That’s faith.

Software Development Humor

Comment on source code:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:
the following chunk o’stuff should likely be in common.jsp
since it’s used in several places.
When I get some free time, I’ll add it and will clean up
the pages that are using it.  –MJ
I don’t believe that because MJ no longer works here. — TF
10 Mar 2001.

Pacquiao vs Marquez

Today, Manny Pacquiao fights Juan Manuel Marquez. It will be a national event… again. The whole country will come almost to a standstill as everyone watches the bout. No playing badminton. Less traffic. Less crime.

Before, I thought people were kidding when it was said that it will be a zero-crime day. But apparently the police expect the crime rate to actually dip during the fight. This phenomenon has actually been recorded during Pacquiao’s previous fights. They believe it is because even the criminally-inclined will also be watching.

Even more, the military is declaring a truce with insurgents for the duration of the bout. Some lawmakers have flown to Vegas to watch (I hope not with taxpayers’ money). Maybe even GMA and notorious hubby Mike will take the time off from scheming and watch. Indeed, it is a national event.

UPDATE: Pacquiao won. Yay! And we still got to play badminton.

Half-Sleepy On The Road

Drove my dad (actually Jem drove since my car got trapped by neighbors’ cars but I was co-driver so there :P) to the airport early this morning.

A Menudo song came up on the radio. They we’re the original boy band though not exactly Boyz II Men.

Saw a billboard of Centrum with Piolo Pascual saying “I want to be complete”. Guess he’s waiting for his Jerry Maguire.

Saw another billboard, this one of a movie. The Half Blood Samurai. He must get plenty of dizzy spells.

I need sleep.