Building A Prototype Armor 65 Brushless Whoop

The Makerfire Armor 65 (and it’s cousin the LDARC Tiny 6X) is a good entry-level whoop package. However, it has a few problems for me. First, the motors are brushed(!!!). Second, the FC has no OSD. So I build a prototype Armor 65 or Tiny 6X brushless whoop.

Parts and Equipment

For this build, I used the following:

  1. Boldclash BWhoop B06 65mm frame kit or the improved URUAV UR65 frame kit
  2. Armor 65 canopy or the similar LDARC Tiny 6X canopy
  3. Armor 65 propellers or the similar LDARC Tiny 6X propellers
  4. Crazybee Flysky FC and ESC
  5. Turbowing Cyclops 2 5.8G 48CH 25mW 700TVL Camera and VTX
  6. Happymodel SE0603 16000KV Motors
  7. Soldering iron
  8. Soldering wire
  9. Desoldering pump
  10. Flux
  11. Wire snips
  12. Double-sided tape

Build Procedure

  1. Prepare frame. Im using the older, Boldclash BWhoop B06 65mm frame so I need to drill out the holes for the shaft and shaft clip
  2. Solder a battery pigtail connector to the FC
  3. Solder the VTX and camera wires to the FC.
  4. Mount the props on the motors
  5. Mount the motors and props to the frame.
  6. Mount the electronics onto the frame
  7. Install the props and the canopy
  8. Connect the motor plugs to the motor sockets and put on the battery holder.
  9. Check continuity between B+ and B- with a multitester. There should be NO continuity.
  10. Cross your fingers, plug-in the battery and check for magic smoke
  11. Done!