Turbowing Cyclops 3: The RunCam Split for Whoops

The RunCam Split was a game-changer. It started with the RunCam 3. But due to form-factor similiarity issues with the GoPro Hero Session, it was pulled from the shelves and later came back as the RunCam Split. Essentially it’s a deconstructed RunCam 3 but with capability to be used as an FPV camera as well. No longer do minis have to piggyback around a GoPro Hero Session. It’ might not be as good as the GoPro Hero Session but the the FPV capability makes up for it. For most.

Unfortunately for whoops, there’s no possibility of lugging around a GoPro Hero Session or even a RunCam Split. There are mods for the iMars SQ8, decasing it and replacing the lens, but that’s a bit of work and is still another camera to lug around.

Enter the Turbowing Cyclops 3. It’s an HD camera with a built-in DVR. Videos are recorded on a micro SD card. And it even comes with a built-in microphone! It’s basically a scaled-down RunCam Split. The RunCam Split for whoops. Or the poor man’s RunCam Split :P

Sure, it can only do 720p 30fps but it’s also much lighter at 4.5g.

As with the RunCam Split, you’ll need to pair it with a VTX to get an FPV feed. It works best in combination with the (surprise!) Turbowing Cyclops 2 VTX which has exactly the same length and width.

With a little double-sided tape, I got myself an all-in-one camera. And by all-in-one it’s really ALL: camera, VTX, and DVR!

To start recording, press the video button at the top of the camera . The LED in the front of the camera will start blinking. This indicates that the camera is recording. You will also see a red flashing led “00:00:00” on the FPV feed that changes from white to red. Red indicates that  the camera is recording. To stop recording and save the video, you have to press the video button again.

I noticed very little latency in flight so it’s probably good for cruising to moderately aggressive flying. For seriously aggressive flying, you’re better off with a dedicated FPV camera.

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  1. Could you post some pics of hpw ypu mounted yours to the tiny whoop I am having troubles getting it mounted with shorting out. Thanks

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