Makerfire Armor 65 Lite Outdoor Flight

Makerfire Armor 65 Lite outdoor flight. There was a light breeze coming from Taal but it handled pretty well.

The Armor 65 Lite is a ready-to-fly FPV racing nano quadcopter that’s great for kids and adults alike, for the beginner to intermediate and even all the way to the advanced pilot. It comes already pre-flashed with Silverware acro firmware, equipped with a 800TVL camera, tough Armor 65 frame, and powerful 17600KV 7x16mm motors. No need to upgrade anytime soon.

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Turbowing Cyclops 3: The RunCam Split for Whoops

The RunCam Split was a game-changer. It started with the RunCam 3. But due to form-factor similiarity issues with the GoPro Hero Session, it was pulled from the shelves and later came back as the RunCam Split. Essentially it’s a deconstructed RunCam 3 but with capability to be used as an FPV camera as well. No longer do minis have to piggyback around a GoPro Hero Session. It’ might not be as good as the GoPro Hero Session but the the FPV capability makes up for it. For most.

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