How To Add A LED Strip And Buzzer

A LED strip and a buzzer are useful in providing visual and audible cues to what’s happening with your quad and also help in locating it. We’ll add a LED strip and a buzzer to my brushless whoop build. I used a 2-in-1 LED and buzzer module for this modification.

  1. Unpack the LED strip and buzzer module
  2. Pre-tin pads and solder wires
  3. Pre-tin pads on the FC and solder wires. On the Teeny1S and Super_S FCs, the pads are on the underside. You will need to unmount from your stack for existing builds.
  4. Install on the quad
  5. Fire up Betaflight and switch on LED_STRIP on Betaflight
  6. Go to the LED tab
  7. Scroll down and switch on Wire Ordering Mode. This will allow you to visually map out the layout of your LEDs.
  8. Click the cells corresponding to the layout of your LEDs. Since there’s only 2 LEDs we’ll just click the first two cells.
  9. Switch off Wire Ordering Mode
  10. Now we’ll set the LED function. In my, case I’ll use them to indicate arm state. Select the two cells and set Function to Arm State
  11. Change the colors for the Disarmed and Armed states (optional)
  12. Click Save
  13. You LEDs are configured and now indicate your arming state.