Bonding Day

Jeanne and I have been having lots of occasion to bond the past few months but today was particularly intensive!

We started in the morning when we went to Val’s place for gown fitting (Jeanne is going to be a flower girl. Yay!). When we got there, she was initially shy but soon she warmed up. With some more effort, we were able to convince her to put on the dress (actually another flower girl’s). Then the next challenge was to convince her to take it off :P

After that, we went to Power Plant for lunch. I invited Crissy for a play date with Cassel and they agreed to meet up. While waiting, we went to Toys ‘R Us where I had a bit of a scare when I couldn’t find Jeanne for several minutes. That place is a maze!

When Crissy, Jimmy, and Cassel arrived, we found out that there’s no Gymboree yet. So we drove over to Serendra. As we hadn’t had lunch yet, we had a kinda late lunch at Sentro (yummy catfish adobo flakes and kare-kare!). Then it was off to Gymboree where Cassel and Jeanne had a blast playing.

We still had to do grocery after Gymboree. I asked Jeanne where she wants to do her grocery: Market! Market! or Power Plant. She chose the latter. I already had an idea of her choice because yesterday, on our way to watch Ice Age 4 at Market! Market!, we passed by the grocery and she declared “I don’t like Market! Market! grocery!”. Also she likes the car grocery carts at Power Plant. So we went back, did groceries, and finally went home.

What a day!