Wedding Supplier Review: Don Robert

If you’re looking for vintage cars, there’s practically only one place to go to: Don Robert’s Bridal Cars. I personally preferred a modern bridal car such as a Chrysler 300C (incidentally, they have those too), but there’s a reason why they call it BRIDAL car and not couple car or groom car :P

Our first choice was the 1932 Studebaker. But it was no longer available. Our second choice was the 1953 Adenauer. Guess what? It’s also no longer available. So we settled for the Jaguar Mk II . Word of advice: book far ahead in order to get the car of your choice. Don Robert is nice and easy to talk to so it shouldn’t be a problem.

On the wedding day, the car and driver arrived on the scheduled time. Which is to in time for pictorials. However, the photographers decided not to do any pictorial with the car before the wedding so it ended up just sitting pretty in front of the hotel. And pretty it was. It was clean both inside and out. And though the new-car aura was a long faded memory, everything was completely functional and comfortable. There were no shakes and rattles even from the engine. It definitely was well-maintained.

A word of advice though: One thing with vintage cars is that no matter how well-maintained they are, the more vintage they are, the proportionally higher then chance of breaking down. So make sure to keep a reasonably presentable white car as backup bridal car. My own car, driven by Jim (thanks fafi!) was pressed into service as backup car. We didn’t have a breakdown but the driver was careful and drove slow.

Which takes me to another word of advice: Allocate enough time for the slow drive as well as pictorials on the way when you do your booking. Otherwise you’ll end up having to pay for the excess time and doing a financial transaction from inside the car. It’s like taking a taxi cab ride right on your wedding day. Not nice.

But all in all, good service and experience.

Cost: P12,350 plus P4,000 for excess time of 2 hours
Rating: 4/5