Wedding Supplier Review: Cardprints

I’ll say it right away: if you’re looking for a wedding invitation supplier, DO NOT get Cardprints! They absolutely suck. Sure they have a nice display and, at the time we were looking for invitation suppliers, they were offering a seemingly generous anniversary promo.

But after you pay your deposit, you get to a frustrating situation where you can only get to talk to the sales representative at their booth. You can’t talk to their designer(s). But they were so inept that even if you could, it would still be frustrating. They kept doing everything wrong. You correct something, they take their time fixing it, and when they get done, another error pops up. You correct that and the previous error pops back in. It was so frustrating.

We eventually ran out of time and had to go to print with a less-than-satisfactory proof. And we even had to pay a rush fee just so we can make up for the lost time. You have been warned.

Cost: P9,600 plus P1,920 rush fee
Rating: 0/5