2005 April 30 Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna

I finally went hiking again after a long long time. A bunch of friends and I decided to do a day climb of Mt. Makiling (elevation: 1093m). Again. I’ve climbed Makiling three times previously: two day climbs and an almost disastrous overnight climb where we got rained over while hiking at night. Still, I really can’t complain since I haven’t climbed in months and at that point, any mountain would have done.

I was quite surprised with my performance on the climb. I haven’t had much physical activity since starting my MBA studies and yet the climb seemed easier than my previous Makiling climbs. I also found out I can hike faster and tire less when I’m moving alone and at my own pace so I did most of the climb on my own. Of course my muscles and joints screamed in exquisite agony afterward. So much so that I wasn’t able to swim at City of Springs where we spent the night.

But I conquered Makiling once more. I thought I couldn’t but I did. Happy! B-)