Useless Gun Ban

In a span of two days robbers staged a jewelry heist at a mall and a businessman was shot dead after withdrawing money from a bank. A few days before a mayor was shot dead. This during a gun ban in preparation for the election period. Supposedly this was put in place to lower the incidence of election-related crimes (including extra-legal “fund-raising” activities by nefarious politicians). Unfortunately, only law abiding citizens follow the gun ban. For criminals, it’s business as usual. Or, it seems, better than usual.

Range Day

After dropping off Michelle and Jeanne at the airport, we went to a nearby range. Unfortunately, it turned out to be not the range we were looking for. As the range in question is on the way home and it was almost lunch, we dropped by a nearby mall for lunch and a bit of shopping. When we finally got to the range, we were warmly greeted by the range master who proceeded to show us their packages. We chose one that will allow us to try a pump-action shotgun, an MP5-A4 clone, and a 1911. The range master proceeded to quickly run us through the manual of arms for each and then it was time for some rather early New Year’s Eve fireworks. It was my first time with a pump-action shotgun and I finally experienced firsthand the legendary kick. I’ve tried a real MP5 before and the clone looked, felt, and shot the same way. The 1911 was your usual 1911. But all three were lots of fun!
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Range Day

Haven’t gone to the range for some time so I invited Leslie and the others. But almost everyone eventually backed out and it ended up being just Leslie and I confirmed. We went there this morning and to our surprise, JC, who didn’t actually¬†confirm showed up! With the group complete, we headed over to the range and squeezed off some rounds. I was happy that even though I haven’t had practice, I was able to keep a reasonably (for me) tight group. Only problem is I kept getting jams because of a limp wrist! Need to work on that.

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Nandy Pacheco and the Gunless Society

First, I have to say you can’t help but admire Nandy Pacheco. He is a crusader with a vision: that of a gunless society. And he has been tirelessly pursuing the realization of that vision. More recently, he was involved in the filing of a bill restricting guns.

But if you study the subject even for just a little bit, you realize that firearms are already heavily restricted:

  • Firearms are defined as “rifles, muskets, carbines, shotguns, revolvers, pistols and all other deadly weapons from which a bullet, ball, shot, shell or other missile may be discharged by means of gunpowder or other explosives”. Even though they are not propelled by gunpowder or explosives, airguns are covered. Even the barrel of any firearm as defined is already considered a firearm.
  • Civilians can legally own only one pistol up to 9mm.
  • Civilians can legally own only one rifle of up to .22 caliber only or one shotgun of up to 12 gauge.
  • Civilians cannot own automatic fire or burst fire firearms.
  • Anyone who has a firearm has to have regularly renewed firearms license. Getting a license requires gun handling training, psychological exams, and criminal record checks.
  • A civilian cannot bring his firearm outside of his residence unless he has an annually applied-for Permit To Carry Firearm Outside Residence (PTCFOR). This permit is not applicable when there is a gun ban such as during the numerous election periods.

And yet, Nandy Pacheco keeps harping about the lack of laws and highlighting the millions of illegal or loose firearms. Quite clearly, they are called illegal because they are already in non-compliance of the law so how can more laws help? Make it more illegal?

What we actually need is more and genuine enforcement, as with every other law in this country.

bullet, ball, shot, shell or other missile may be discharged by means of gunpowder or other explosivesRead more at Suite101: Law on Firearms in the Philippines

Making Money From Airsoft

Crissy told me about the PNP now requiring the registration of airsoft rifles and pistols at a cost similar to that of real firearms. So now if you don’t register you can suddenly become a criminal for possession of a toy! Funny since, airguns below .22 caliber don’t even need to be registered. And to think they can’t yet resolve the proliferation of loose (unregistered) firearms that are mainly in the hand of unlawful elements. Talk about money-making schemes. The irony is that the idea was hatched by a brilliant airsoft-playing lawyer (aren’t they all?). Paintball markers aren’t yet covered. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before some greedy bureaucrat sees the opportunity.