Rodec-Weng Wedding

Last week, Rodec (aka Bob) texted me reminding me about his wedding. He then went on and said he noticed I take good photos and asked if I can be a backup photographer during the wedding :P I’ve never photographed a wedding but who can say no to that, right? Haha.

So during the wedding. I was walking around everywhere in my barong, slacks, and not-too-comfy dress shoes taking photos. At one point, the sakristan asked me to stay back as I was intruding into Jesus’ personal space. Apologies for not knowing the wedding shoot conventions. Won’t happen again :D

Difficulties with conventions aside, there’s also the dim church interior. It definitely calls for a larger aperture or a flash. I dislike the latter though because it’s a bit obtrusive (I’m just a backup photographer after all) and drains batteries (I’m using the pop-up flash and didn’t have spare batteries).

Also, there’s the pace of things. Although things at a wedding mostly go at a snail pace, some things happen so fast you literally only have one shot at it. Yes, I screwed up the kissing the bride part (darn darn darn!). I definitely need to improve my focusing and snap shooting skills.

And thus went my first wedding photo shoot.