Armor 65 Lite Channel Map

The Makerfire Armor 65 Lite uses NFE Silverware which was compiled with the MULTI transmitter type. You can change the transmitter type by reconfiguring, recompiling, and reflashing Silverware. Or you can just adjust the auxiliary channel assignments on your transmitter based on this table. If you are using a Taranis and a multiprotocol module try the first column. If you are using Deviation (DEVO transmitter type) or having unexpected response on your multiprotocol module try the second column. If you’re using a stock Flysky i6 which only has 6 channels, you will need to update the firmware to get 10 or more channels to get angle mode and other modes and functions.


Makerfire Armor 65 Lite Outdoor Flight

Makerfire Armor 65 Lite outdoor flight. There was a light breeze coming from Taal but it handled pretty well.

The Armor 65 Lite is a ready-to-fly FPV racing nano quadcopter that’s great for kids and adults alike, for the beginner to intermediate and even all the way to the advanced pilot. It comes already pre-flashed with Silverware acro firmware, equipped with a 800TVL camera, tough Armor 65 frame, and powerful 17600KV 7x16mm motors. No need to upgrade anytime soon.

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