Flashing Silverware With A MacBook

Silverware is an open-source flight controller firmware developed by GitHub user silver13 for the H8 mini, BWhoop B03, Eachine E011, and E011C FCs. It was forked and further refined by GitHub user NotFastEnuf. It gives you acro mode, is optimized for the STM32F0 processor and is very well-tuned for brushed motors (especially the NotFastEnuf fork).

Unfortunately, it’s mostly been easily available only to Windows users and it requires playing around with a bunch of embedded software development equipment and tools. However, with the release of Simon Ernst’s excellent Silverware Tools for macOS, Mac users are now able to flash Silverware to their toy quads. It still requires some technical and programming knowledge but it’s so much easier.

Parts and Equipment

Eachine E011 Toy Quadcopter
Molex Picoblade 3-pin socket
Molex Picoblade 3-wire plug
Soldering iron
Soldering wire


  1. Solder a 3-pin Molex Picoblade sockets on the FC. This will allow us to more easily update Silverware whenever we want to. We are intentionally not including V+. We will get power from a battery.

  2. Connect 3-wire Molex Picoblade plug to the socket on FC
  3. Connect wires to the ST-Link. We want to connect SWCLK on the FC to SWCLK on the ST-Link, SWDIO to SWDIO, and GND to GND. Do not connect the 3.3V or 5V pins. We will get power from a battery.

  4. Download Simon Ernst’s Silverware Tools for macOS. Install and follow the instructions on his site.
  5. Adjust Silverware settings. As of now, Silverware doesn’t have a configurator application. You’ll need to modify the code yourself. Start with config.h and pid.c in the src folder. For details see the documentation in NFE’s Silverware fork. Quick Tip: Select your quad and your transmitter in config.h and leave PIDs in pid.c alone.
  6. Once you’re done adjusting and saving settings, compile the Silverware code with Compiler. This will result in a firmware .hex file.
  7. Optionally, unlock your FC with Unlocker. Plug in a battery to your quad and run Unlocker immediately. According to Simon, some boards repurpose the connectors after a while.
  8. Flash Silverware to your FC with Flasher. Simply drop the firmware .hex file onto the Flasher tool. It will be flashed into the FC.
  9. That’s it! You can now go fly acro. Quick Tip: If you chose E011 and stock transmitter, the arm button is the right yaw trim button. 

Big thanks to Simon Ernst for his Silverware Tools for macOS and his help in getting everything to work for this guide. Thanks also to NotFastEnuf for his E011 fork of Silverware and, of course, Silver13 for Silverware.