Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing home in bed early on a Friday night but when Jeanne cuddles up beside me I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Back Home

Got back home just now. Doctor discharged Jeanne with instructions to simply complete the rest of her antibiotics regimen. Whew! What a weekend!

Thanks to the doctors and nurses for taking care of Jeanne. Thanks also to Michelle and Gretchen who took stayed and slept with Jeanne  throughout her confinement (I shuttled back and forth between home and the hospital).

Sick Baby

The other night, Jeanne was had a fever and we suspected UTI. So the yesterday Michelle took her to the doctor (Thanks, mommy!) for consultation and urinalysis. They were able to submit the urine sample late in the afternoon already. I was actually out of the office by then so we met up and had snacks at Krispy Kreme, strolled around, and had dinner at Gilligan’s before going home. Today, Jeanne still had fever. Michelle is going back to the doctor to get the urinalysis results and a medicine prescription (Thanks again, mommy!). I hope it’s nothing more serious. Get well Jeanne!

UPDATE 5-12: Jeanne still had fever. We visited Jeanne’s regular doctor and she decided to have her confined since she wasn’t drinking her antibiotics nor eating her food.

Afternoon Out

Michelle had work to do so I took Jeanne out. First, we went to Gymboree where Jeanne played. There were not too many kids and the few who were soon left or preferred playing on their own. Jeanne had no choice but to solo play, too. I really should get around to scheduling play dates with friends’ toddlers.

At one point during solo play she was trying to the balls inside the mini-basketball basket. She started by grabbing the basket from below the hoop, lifting it up then grabbing the basket from above the hoop. But she didn’t have enough height. So I showed her how to push the basket from the bottom. She mimicked and was soon able to get the basket with all the balls inside out.

After Gymboree, we went to the grocery to buy some food and supplies for the house. I got her a small pack of wipes and told her not to open it yet because we haven’t paid for it. Around 30 minutes later, I promptly forgot what I said and was going to open it to wipe her nose when she reminded me that no, we haven’t paid for it yet.

After paying, I wiped her nose :P Then went home to drop off the groceries and pick Michelle up.