Setting Up The Christmas Tree

When my siblings and I were kids, we usually have pine for our Christmas tree. Yes, real pine. Not the plastic stuff so common these days. Sometime, James and I would even accompany our dad harvest the tree. It was tiring but in retrospect, that in itself was a great experience. Once set-up inside our house, the scent was absolutely Christmas-ey and it livens and truly completes the Christmas experience. On our first year as a married couple, we got one, a Douglas Fir, because Michelle said she never had a Christmas with one. And besides, it just seemed fitting for the honeymoon period. This year, with Jeanne very curious, inquisitive, and full of wonder, we decided to get another one. Her excitement as we were setting up the tree was an absolute joy to see. Makes it totally worth it.

How To Train Your Dragon(fly)

Gretchen, Michelle, Jeanne, and I went to mass at UP today. Afterwards, we went to the Sunken Garden, spread out Jeanne’s Nemo comforter on the grass, and had picnic lunch of lechon and rice. It was a great day and the sun was shining. We walked around on the grass as dragonflies buzzed around, we picked up and played with sticks, and Jeanne got an ice cream. I was able to catch a dragonfly and Michelle fed it a blade of grass while Jeanne watched. We let it go after a while. Later, Michelle and I lay down and watched the sky and the sun through the treetops. It was sooo relaxing.