PSMonitor lets you monitor the Philippine stock market activity real-time and on the go (requires a WiFi or data connection).

  • Real-time updates from the stock exchange
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • All Stocks tab for viewing actively traded stocks by symbol
  • Active Stocks tab for viewing actively traded stocks by value
  • Gainers tab for viewing gainer stocks by gain
  • Losers tab for viewing loser stocks by loss
  • Flick up and down the list of stocks
  • View stock symbols, prices, and price changes at a glance
  • View details such as symbol, name, last price, previous close, change for the day, %change, trade volume, and trade value.

By purchasing PSMonitor you get all of the above  plus:

  • View 30-day candlestick chart
  • Refresh button for refreshing data on demand
  • My Stocks tab for storing your portfolio or watch list of stocks
  • Add stocks along with quantity and buy price to My Stocks
  • Edit stock quantity and buy price
  • Delete stock from My Stocks
  • View your stocks’ position value, and profit/loss for the day at a glance
  • View additional details such as your position, position value, profit/loss for the day, profit/loss to date, and buy price.

Full Version available for iOS and Android.

Free Version available for iOS and Android.


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