Low-Profile 7mm Tiny Whoop Build

I wanted to build a more powerful 7mm tiny whoop I did a rebuild of my second low-profile tiny whoop build.

Parts and Equipment

For this build, I used the following:

  1. Beecore Flysky AFHDS 2A flight controller
  2. Eachine VTX01 5.8GHz video transmitter
  3. Generic 600TVL 100 degree field of view camera
  4. Micro Motor Warehouse 7x16mm 17000KV Insane Motor
  5. X-Racer X-1 Frame Kit (for 7x16mm motors)
  6. Rakonheli 31mm 3-blade clear propellers
  7. Soldering iron
  8. Soldering wire
  9. Wire snips
  10. Double-sided tape

Build Procedure

  1. First, I had to remove everything from the frame. This also required unsoldering the camera. After taking note of the contact points, I unsoldered all the wires from the camera.
  2. Prepare the frame
  3. Install rubber damping mounts
  4. Install flight controller along with the video transmitter.
  5. Mount the camera.
  6. Install the canopy.
  7. Install the motors
  8. Solder the wires from the video transmitter into their corresponding contact points on the camera. It’s just color matching: black to black, yellow to yellow, and finally red to red. I kinda forgot about this step. Safer to do this earlier away from the frame.
  9. Install the props. I realized the 1mm shaft diameter Rakonheli props I prepared were wrong. The holes were too big. And I didn’t have any more black 0.8mm shaft diameter props so I had to make do with stock props.
  10. Weighing in

And that’s it. I now have a low-profile 7mm tiny whoop. Now I have to wait to get my hand on those stick batteries.