Low-Profile Tiny Whoop Build

I wanted to keep the canopy for my first Tiny Whoop build but the VTX03 was a bit too big so I had to settle for a more technical look. And then I burnt the VTX out in a crash. So I got a VTX01 and did a rebuild.

Parts and Equipment

For this build, I used the following:

  1. Eachine VTX01 5.8GHz video transmitter
  2. Generic 600TVL 100 degree field of view camera
  3. Soldering iron
  4. Soldering wire
  5. Wire snips
  6. Double-sided tape

Build Procedure

  1. I test-mounted the video transmitter and the camera first. I tried to put the video transmitter under the flight controller and it fit!
  2. I was afraid of damaging the densely packed video transmitter board so I decided to just use its wires to connect to the camera. I just cut them to length.
  3. After taking note of the contact points, I unsoldered the microphone and all the wires from the camera.
  4. I soldered the wires from the video transmitter into their corresponding contact points on the camera board. It’s just color matching: black to black, yellow to yellow, and finally red to red.
  5. I used double-sided tape to mount the video transmitter.
  6. With the video transmitter firmly in place, I soldered the wires for the power (thicker red and black wires) to the underside of the flight controller board.
  7. I also used hot glue to mount the camera.
  8. Finally, I reinstalled the canopy.

And that’s, it. I now have a low-profile, in both senses of the word, Tiny Whoop. And the electronics are better-protected. Hopefully, I don’t burn anything this time around.