Sky Ranch

skyranch11Sky Ranch is one of the new attractions of Tagaytay. The main attraction, the Sky Eye (yes, not very original), is already running as well as some other rides. But there are no restaurants and the only food available was from food stalls. The entrance fee is at an introductory price of P50.

In addition to the entrance fee, you have to pay for each ride at a another ticket booth inside the complex. The queue can get long so you should already get tickets for all the rides you plan on getting:

  • Sky Eye – The main attraction; One round on the largest ferris wheel in the country; P150
  • Super Viking – Swinging boat; Lotsa’ fun! P100
  • Express Train – Land train; Was not available due to engine problems when we visited; P50
  • Nessie Coaster – Roller coaster; P50
  • Carousel – Full-size regular carousel for the kids; P50.
  • Mini Viking – Swinging boat for the kids. Jeanne had mixed emotions on this :D; P50
  • Wonder Flight – Balloon carousel for the kids; P50
  • Red Baron – Airplane carousel for the kids; P50