Army of Two

James and I finished Army of Two today. It is a co-op action game about adventures of two mercenaries or private military contractors (PMC) as they prefer to be called, across several years. During this time, they go from being idealistic green soldiers, to gung-ho PMCs, to outlaws who must clear their names.

It was a major letdown in gameplay especially coming from Resident Evil 5. Ammo is so hard to come by that you don’t actually get to use the reasonably wide arsenal available to you. Not that it matters since the weapons act almost the same way. And they all sound the same way too: puny popping cork guns.

There were no boss fights to speak of. The top bad guys you actually get to fight are just about as tough as the regular bad guys. Heck, some of the special bad guys are tougher. And there could have been some pretty good fights with a boss here and there but the game had a awful habit of ending the possibility via a freakin’ cutscene!!!

Now I’m wondering if the sequel, Army of Two: The 40th Day, is worth getting. Hmmm.

Rating: 2/5