Huawei E1550 with Globe Internet

If you have an unlocked Huawei E1550, you can use with your Globe SIM to connect to the Internet. Just make sure you have unlimited data or you are on time-based charging. Otherwise, things could get pretty expensive real quick.

You will need a wireless broadband dialer. I just happened to have the Sun Wireless Broadband Dialer. To configure it for Globe Internet, go to Tools->Options->Profile Management and create a new profile. In the profile name, put “MyGlobe Internet”. In the APN, click static and enter “” (or “” for prepaid). In Authentication, keep the access number at “*99#” and the user name and password blank. Click OK. Click Connection, choose your newly created My Globe Internet profile, and click connect.

This process also creates a MyGlobe Internet dial-up connection which you can supposedly use to dial instead of the dialer. But somehow it does not work properly.

Alternately, if you don’t have a wireless broadband Internet dialer, you can manually create the dial-up connection. The key is adding AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”” in the extra initialization commands for the modem.

That’s it! Happy surfing!

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