Asus EEE PC 900HA

I was pretty excited when Asus launched the EEE PC 900. But when I learned that it doesn’t have the Atom processor, I decided to wait for the EEE PC 901. However, when Asus decided not to sell the Asus EEE PC 901 locally, I finally decided to just get the EEE PC 1000H.

The 1000H is a pretty good netbook by itself. But I’m a sucker for the small and cute and, to me, it’s a just a little bit on the bulky and heavy side. But I was fine with it until the 900HA came along.

The 900HA has almost everything the 1000H has 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, and a hard disk drive. And all this comes in a smaller, better looking package. It is almost the same size and look as the original 7-inch display EEE PCs. Notable exception would be the glossy lid and the re-laid out keyboard.

Of course you lose something in the downsizing: 9-inch display instead of 10 inches, regular sound instead of Dolby, and a smaller keyboard. It’s also got flimsy, and cheap power and touchpad buttons. So it’s not really for everyone. But for me, it sure is so I pulled the trigger on it :D

My sister, Elwyna, noted that we have five notebooks in the house. And three of them are mine. Crazy huh? Hehe.