Alternator Problem

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I was driving home when suddenly my airbag light started blinking. I put it off as some electrical ground but after a few minutes, it started blinking again. This happened two or three times before my car suddenly stopped cold. Of course it had to happen right in an intersection.

With the aid of a helpful bicyclist, I was able to push it to the side of the street, away from obstructing the intersection and the riskĀ  of being towed by the ever vigilant boys in blue. I then called my Citibank Shell card’s hotline for a tow. Tintin, the CSR I talked to was very helpful but still, I had to wait a few hours for the flat-bed truck to arrive. Once they did, they loaded the car and drove to Fusion R, my favorite car repair shop.

The shop checked the battery and found that the battery was almost completely drained. To check if it was the culprit, they charged it from the mains and, after an hour or so, they were able to start the car. So it wasn’t the battery. Next possibility was the alternator. To check if it was theĀ  culprit they removed the battery terminal while the car was running. It died. Meaning, the alternator is not producing enough power if at all. They took it down and checked further. And sure enough, it was the alternator. They recommend rewinding and replacement of a diode set.

I gave it a go. It’s not like I had a choice with such a critical system component. But at least they did a good job.

(Car repairs by Fusion R, E. Rodriguez, Q.C. Call them at +632-724-3921 or +63922-853-2700 and ask for Jona)