SR20DE Transplant

Got my car back the other day from Big Thumb where it had been undergoing an SR20DE transplant. After some road testing I observed the following:

  1. Vibrations. These become more apparent when turning to the right. The mechanic said he didn’t adjust the length of the driver-side axle so that could be the reason.
  2. No power when overtaking or going up basement parking ramp
  3. Timing is at 8 degrees only (normal is 15 degrees) and yet the distributor is set at maximum advance already.
  4. Hard shift shocks
  5. Sometimes doesn’t start at P or N
  6. Stiff shifter when switching between 1 and 2

Argh! The headaches never end. Guess it’s back to the shop.

UPDATE 1: Got the car back 8/6. The first issue was solved by shortening the drive-side axle. Second, third, and fourth issues were fixed by replacing a faulty distributor. The last two were solved by simply adjusting the transmission link to the shifter. Distributor is now centered. Throttle response is now good and power is apparent. Vibrations and shift-shocks are now normal.

UPDATE 2: I went to Servitek 8/11 and got the camber and toe adjusted since the process of modifying the axles screws up the alignment.

UPDATE 3: I went to M7 8/15 and had a solid rear engine mount installed. The old engine mount was too soft which caused the passenger-side engine mount to hit the bracket when the engine is torqued.

If you need or want an engine swap, you can check out Big Thumb. Owner is Noel Paroginog +63917-861-1963. They’ve done quite a few swaps and they know what they’re doing. They just need some improvement in their QA :P