Pork Sinigang

Yesterday, Michelle taught me how to cook pork sinigang. And not just cook but buying the ingredients themselves. As usual, lazy me was questioning whether the effort was worth it. But of course it was: Simply the best pork sinigang . I cooked it, I had a great recipe, and I had a great teacher ;)

Below is the recipe as I recall.

4 cups water
¼ kilo pork
1 sinigang mix :P
3 sliced taro (gabi)
1 sliced eggplant (talong)
4 sliced string beans (sitaw)
4 sliced winged beans (sigarilyas)
½ sliced horse radish (labanos)
4 minced tomatoes (kamatis)
4 sliced okra (okra din)
1 sliced onion (sibuyas)

Wash everything very well ;)

Boil pork in water until tender
Add sinigang mix
Gradually add the rest of ingredients in the order they are listed
Let boil to your preferred level of mushiness

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