Game Crab Boardgame Cafe

I was looking for a place to go to for Friday night and I read about Game Crab Boardgame Cafe. Board game cafes are places where you can play, what else, board games. Apparently the concept is big in the US and Europe and these guys are aiming to bring and make it big here. Curious as to how it all works, I invited Michelle for a visit.

The cafe is situated at the 2nd floor of FBR Arcade in Katipunan where Yellow Cab Katipunan branch is. Thankfully, There was sufficient parking at the basement as parking is a major pain in Katipunan.

When you go in, the friendly servers and game masters welcome you in, ask you what your order is, ask you what game you want to play, show you how to play and so on. We first played two rounds of Amazeing Labyrinth and then an assisted (by JB) round of Heroscape. The whole board game cafe concept sounds fun in writing and I’m glad to say it actually is quiet fun in actuality.

However, I’ll have to say that the food is definitely not Game Crab’s main attraction. We tried the “special” pasta and the chili wings. The pasta sucks and the chili wings were so-so (but they are hot indeed). It’s too bad since it could easily be made better and make the place a really good place to hang out in.