Conversation With A Broken Keyboard

I had a pretty amusing conversation with Eeya this morning:

btwa my keyboward isz borken
oh mewan
sztupid keybord
i szpilled juice on my keyboward
oh mwan. do u think thisz waill etter get fied/
do u think thisz keybord fi itszelf

nope. won’t get fixed.
try washing it under running water.
then drying it completely.

r u crzy
wahy waould i waszh the kybord
thisz i wawa lptop
it’ swa lptop dude

oh it’s a laptop
now that’s a big problem

oh mn i wasz wafriwad you’d szawy thwat
do u think i cn fi it mby mszelf
i szpiled juice wa couple of dwaysz go
the keybord wasz waorsze off bwack then
couldn’t even type nything
it’sz completely dry nwa. i szpilled juice like 3 4 szdwaysz wago

oh in that case it’s prolly just the sugar stuff now.

oh okway. do u think i szhould waipe it waith wa waet cloth
wawath if i tllike clewan it waith wa dwamp cotton bud

yeah do that too.