Gone Baby Gone

In Gone Baby Gone, a young and idealistic rookie private detective takes on more than what he bargained for when he took the job of finding a toddler who had disappeared. Along with his associate/girlfriend, he starts the investigation. As they slowly unravels the mystery, they suffer from the mental and physical toll of the work. And along the way, but especially towards the end, they must make or rationalize decisions and actions that are morally and ethically ambiguous. The movie doesn’t take sides on these issues and generally just presents things as they unfold. The ending scene is, however, a bit different as it seems to imply a possible result of his final decision. But still, is it the right decision? It is still up to the viewer. A good movie with a compelling story and interesting characters. Especially more so, coming from first-time actor-turned-director Ben Affleck.

Rating: 5/5