2007 December 28 Aquaventure Reef Club, Anilao, Batangas

Went to Anilao with Billie for her annual dive. We got there quite early and had to wait for the divemaster to finish breakfast. When he arrived, it turned out to be Jake, the same divemaster from my previous dive. He asked us where we want to dive and we chose to dive Sombrero and Twin Rocks because he said he saw turtles there on his last dive.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any turtles. But we did see some dolphins from afar on the way to Sombrero, an octopus (under a rock), a ray (my first sighting of one out in the open), a school of jacks, a school of juvenile barracudas, and of course the clouds of tiny colorful fishes. The last is always a very pretty sight. Who needs an aquarium when the sea is your aquarium, right?

Oh and I didn’t get majorly lost during the drive to and from Aquaventure. And no relying on my GPS unit at that. Just a good old map that I printed from the web. Or maybe it’s just that my co-driver/navigator has improved :))