2007 October 28 Aquaventure Reef Club, Anilao, Batangas

dived with win and din
wanted to wine and dine
but there was no time
so maybe next time
still with win and din.

Forgive my attempt at a limerick :P

Erwin wanted to do a refresher dive at Anilao as a prelude to his trip to Bohol. So he, his friend Claudine, and I went to favorite dive destination Anilao. We were operating under a time constraint since he had to fly at 11:45 the next day. He didn’t want to pop and fizzle like a freshly opened can of soda so he wanted as much no-fly time as possible. We therefore planned for a quick morning dive.

We were supposed to leave for Anilao by 4 but I got lazy and thought it was too early so I moved it to 4:30. And then Erwin misplaced something (again :P) so we ended up leaving around 5. Talk about always leaving some buffer time. Still, we got to favorite dive resort Aquaventure Reef Club early enough at around 8:30.

After registrations and gearing up, we started diving around 10. The sky was gray and it was drizzling. We dived at Beatrice and Caban. The current was strong and the viz was not good at both. But we still saw the usual clouds of fishes and even two puffers. I haven’t dived since April so that was already great!

We were back in the resort by around 1 where we ungeared and had the usual lunch buffet. It didn’t disappoint: All the food you can eat in an attempt to make up for quality with quantity :P I don’t really eat that much but I know from experience that the ala carte items are expensive and take way too long to serve. Nor do they taste any better.

After settling our bill and packing, we left the resort around 3. On the way to Anilao, we had noticed the extremely long line of northbound vehicles on the South Expressway so I decided to take the supposedly scenic alternate route through Tagaytay on the way back. Unfortunately, the view was shrouded by fog. And worse, we ended up stuck in traffic at Tagaytay anyway.

When I finally got home, I felt tired but glad for a great drive and dive day. Here’s hoping for another one!


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