Gerber EZ-Out

This is in memory of my Gerber EZ-Out which I lost somewhere not so long ago.

The EZ-Out is a lockback folder with a modified clip point blade that is partially serrated. A non-serrated version was available but I chose the serrated version for the flexibility. The blade has a thumb hole for rapid opening with either hand.

Its handle is Zytel plastic with Kraton rubber inserts to provide better grip. The handle is pretty durable. The Kraton inserts disintegrated over the years and I had to remove them for aesthetic reasons. But the Zytel was still going strong.

Finally, it has a strong clip so it can be secured to your pocket. Unfortunately, it can’t be switched to the other side so if you prefer it on another side, you’ll have to compromise.

The total package is small, light, and handy. You can carry it everywhere. Which is what I did. I carried it at work, at play, to hills, the occasional mountain, caves, swims, and even dives. And through all these it often came in useful: cutting cardboard, rope, vines, wood, preparing food, even for prying. Even when it was not needed, it always gave me comfort that it was there ready for use.

I’m going to miss it.

Rating: 5/5

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