2012 July 21 to 22 Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales

Some office mates (Leslie, Raine, Karen, Joset, JB, JC) and I headed over to Crystal Beach for a weekend surf. We were joined by Jimmy, Crissy, and family including Cassel. Jeanne was also supposed to join but she still had a slight fever from UTI the night before the trip so we decided she and Michelle won’t go. But she was really excited especially when she learned Cassel was going. While I was packing, she was also packing her little bag.

I left the house around 4AM Saturday morning and met up with the rest of the guys around 5PM at the first regroup point at Shell NLEX. I learned that Jimmy wasn’t able to get away from work so they will just catch up at Crystal Beach. Once everyone else were in, we had a quick breakfast at Jollibee before heading off.

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Surfing at CME Part 2

Les and I went to Club Manila East for some more surfing lessons. Larry was there as usual and we reviewed the usual stuff but he also taught us some new things. Then Paolo arrived midway through the session and trained us. It was strenuous stuff and at the end of the session our muscles were aching from paddling. Fun!

Surfing at CME

Les, Nino, and I went to Club Manila East for some surfing lessons and practice. It was a blast! The constant and consistent waves of the wave pool were really helpful in getting the basics down pat. The foam boards we’re supposed to be no-brainers but I managed to wipe out quite a few times. Still, I progressed quite significantly. For starters, I was able to pop up. Then I was able to ride the board all the way to the “shore” more than a few times. Maybe a visit or two more and we can then visit Zambales and, eventually, La Union!

Blue Crush

A long time ago, Roly and I were talking about surfing and this surfing movie, Blue Crush, and how it made her want to surf. I never got to watch it and we never got to go surf together but after the surfing trip last week, I dug it up and watched it with Michelle. It’s a chick flick (one reason why I never watched it) about a surfer girl with personal issues, throw in a love interest that causes more issues, and a nice pre-packaged resolution at the end. Standard chick flick fare. But where it shines is in the surfing. From beginner waves to pro big waves, the shots were just awesome! It’s something not to be missed. Made me want to learn to surf even more. Oh and there’s Kate Bosworth :P

Tried Surfing Again

Michelle and I tried surfing again after three long years. The operative word, at least for me, is tried. Almost as soon as we got to Crystal Beach, I excitedly rented a board, strapped it on, walked into the water. The fact that the waves were higher than I’ve ever seen them in Crystal Beach didnt’ faze me. I climbed onto the surfboard, paddled to the surfing line, scanned for waves, paddled, and caught a wave, then… nothing. I couldn’t pop up!!! I tried again and again but my arms just wouldn’t work! My upper body strength, the little there was, have completely evaporated :( Definitely need to do them push-ups again. Michelle fared way better later that afternoon: She was able to pop-up and actually ride some waves.