Pimped My Quad

I broke 5 of the propeller blades of my Cheerson CX-10 leaving me with only 3 so I wasn’t able to fly it for a while. I ordered some extra propellers and propeller guards from eBay and they finally arrived today. I quickly installed the new propellers and guard. I trimmed some plastic bits from the guard to make it lighter and then it was fun time!

Cheerson CX-10

This tiny guy is LOADS of fun!

The Cheerson CX-10 is a toy quadcopter. It’s so small, it fits the palm of your hand! It comes in a variety of fun colors (pink, green, orange, blue). As you can see, I got an orange. The battery is built-in (good for 3-5 minutes flying) but the USB charger recharges it in just 30 minutes. It also comes with 4 extra propellers which is handy since you WILL break propellers. Finally, there’s a basic user manual. Yeah, you should RTFM!

Thanks Cez and Euge!