Starcraft II Announced

Hell, it’s about time! Starcraft II has been announced! Jessie sent me a link to Starcraft II. I’ve seen the link before and back then it was just a redirect to the Blizzard website. So I thought it still the same. But NO! Instead there’s now a full website for the next installment of Starcraft. To be sure, the new game will have big shoes to fill. But from how it looks in the website, it looks to be a potentially worthy successor.

Starcraft Revival

The past few weeks, I’ve seen some sort of a Starcraft revival. I learned from Jessie and Joy who work at a development company in Ortigas that they have break-time Starcraft sessions. They invited me to visit and play, so I brought out my dusty copy of Starcraft and started polishing my skills. Then I mentioned to Vinz, old Starcraft sparmate of mine, that I’ve been playing again and soon he had bought a new copy and started playing on Battle.Net and with me. And then Billie, also an old player, sent me this video. Turns out she has also been playing a bit. Finally, while hanging out with some friends at Gweilo’s we caught an episode in Arirang on how to play the game. All these is quite interesting considering Starcraft first came out way back 1998. It’s definitely a classic.