Micro Motor Survey

I did a quick survey of the commonly available 6x15mm motors for Tiny Whoops. The KV rating (rpms for every volt applied) is probably the best for comparison purposes since rpms vary across the voltage range of the battery. That said, some motors only specify rpms. In that case, we assume the voltage is for the nominal 3.7V and derive the KV rating.

KV RPM @ 3.7V
MMW Medium 11000 40700
MMW Fast 14000 51800
NBD Silver 14800 54760
RS Red/Black 15946* 59000
MMW Faster 17000 62900
NBD Black 17400 64380
RS Purple 18108* 67000
MMW Insane 19000 70300
NBD Gold 19700 72890

*No specified KV rating; Value derived from claimed rpm.