Furibee F36 Big Batt Mod

The Furibee F36’s stock 150mAh batteries are good for around 5 minutes of flying. But that’s without FPV gear. With FPV gear, that goes down to around 3 minutes. If you want to get back some of that flying time, you’ll have to put in bigger batteries.

There are three problems with bigger batteries. First, they will be a tight fit (or won’t at all) in the stock battery bay. Second, they will cover the battery connector. Third, they will offset the center of gravity. We need to address these problems before we can fly.


  1. Solder in a pigtail battery connector. Watch the polarity! This will allow us to avoid using the onboard battery connector. In my case, it allows me to use micro losi batteries.
  2. Remove the bottom strips of the battery bay. Also remove the stopper at the front. This will allow us to push the battery forward and maintain center of gravity.
  3. Run a rubber band across the battery bay from one canopy pin to the other. Double or triple up the rubber band for a snug hold on the battery.
  4. Finally, stick in the battery under the rubber band.
  5. Power up!