Binding With The Kingkong Smart100 DSM2 RX

The DSM2 RX that comes with the Kingkong Smart100 is generally regarded as garbage. It’s hard to bind with, it’s got poor range, etc. I will show that, at least in binding, it’s not completely hopeless. Here’s the step-by-step binding procedure:

  1. Plug FC to USB
  2. Flash NAZE firmware (NOT ALIENFLIGHTF1) — I used NAZE v2.0.0
  3. Set UART2 serial RX
  4. Save and reboot
  5. Set motor protocol brushed
  6. Set motor pwm speed separated from PID speed
  7. Se motor pwm frequency 32000 (or set motor_pwm_rate = 32000 on CLI)
  8. Set motor stop
  9. Set receiver serial-based receiver
  10. Set provider spektrum1024
  11. Save and reboot
  12. On CLI: set spektrum_sat_bind=5
    • 3 for DSM2 1024bit/22ms
    • 5 for DSM2 2048bit/11ms default AlienWii32
    • 7 for DSMX 1024bit/22ms used by Devo 7e
    • 8 for DSMX 2048bit/22ms Used by new DXe
    • 9 for DSMX 2048bit/11ms
  13. On CLI: set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset=0
  14. On CLI: save
  15. Unplug FC from USB
  16. Plug battery to quad… RX should be in bind mode (rapid flashing orange)
  17. Turn on TX and bind
  18. Unplug battery from quad
  19. Plug FC to USB
  20. Revert to ALIENFLIGHTF1 (optional)
  21. On CLI: set spektrum_sat_bind=0
  22. On CLI: set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset=1
  23. On CLI: save

Now you can do other configuration you may want to do or maybe just go fly.

Hat tip to Idriz for guiding me on the procedure


I want to install the Flysky A8S receiver on theKingKong Smart100 but, unfortunately, the cable that came with the receiver requires directly soldering to the flight controller board. There’s already a 4-pin JST-SH connector in place and it’s better to use that. I didn’t have a 4-pin JST-SH connectors but I did havetwo 3-pin JST-SH connectors from my video transmitters. That’s something we can work with.

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