Tiny Whoop Battery Connectors

Here are common Tiny Whoop battery connectors you will encounter.

JST PH 2.0
2mm pin distance; Also known as MCPX, JST-2.0; Found in the Furibee F36, Eachine E010/11, JJRC H36.

Molex Battery 2.0

2mm pin distance; Also known as Micro Losi, Walkera; Found on many toy quads and batteries.

Molex Battery 1.25
1.25mm pin distance; Also known as Molex Picoblade, E-flite, JST-1.25 (wrong term since JST-GH is the real 1.25 JST connector); Found on Blade Inductrix and KingKong Tiny 6/7.

Furibee F36 Transmitter Antenna Mod

The Furibee F36 transmitter with its internal antenna doesn’t have much range. This is fine with line of sight (LOS) flying but with first-person view (FPV) flying, you’d probably want a bit more range. We can drill a hole through the casing and thread the antenna through and out of it which can increase range. But why stop there? Let’s install an external antenna.

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