Step-By-Step Guide To Whooping

What is a Tiny Whoop? Jesse Perkins, the man credited with starting it all, describes it perferctly:

“Tiny Whoop is a small first-person-view aircraft that truly allows you to feel the gift of flight and the feeling of being tiny. A small apartment becomes a vast terrain worthy of taming. The small tree in your front yard is a deep and engaging forest. With shrouded propellers we can now fly FPV around people and kids safely. It’s more fun than I’ve ever had.”

Strictly speaking a Tiny Whoop is a 65mm-sized quadcopter with ducts and FPV camera from the Tiny Whoop company. But the Tiny Whoop has become so successful that the term has become genericized. Today, a whoop is any nano or micro-sized quadcopter with ducts and FPV camera. And whooping is having fun flying around everyday places and people.

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716 Motors: More Power

Quadspex did a series of motor thrust tests that shows the power of 716  motors vs  615 motors into perspective. I’ve computed the thrust-to-weight ratios and summarized the results in the convenient table below:

Motor Thrust (g) Total Thrust (g) Thrust-to-Weight Ratio*
Stock 615 E010 7.83 31.3 1.252
RS 615 16000KV 9.3 37.2 1.488
RS 615 18000KV 11.2 44.8 1.792
MMW 615 17000KV 11.37 45.47 1.818
MMW 615 19000KV 13.03 52.13 2.085
Stock 716 E011 17.27 69.1 2.303
MMW 716 17000KV 18.47 73.9 2.463

*Assumes 25g take-off weight for 615 quad; 30g take-off weight for 716 quad

Here are the complete videos:

If you haven’t subscribed to Quadspex already, make sure you do. He’s got a bunch of very informative videos.

Tiny Whoop Frame Survey

Weighed the frames I got my hands on. Will add frames as I come across them.

Also check out my canopy survey.

65mm Frames for 6x15mm Motors
Kingkong Tiny 6 Furibee F36 Eachine E010/JJRC H36
65mm Frames for 7x16mm Motors
X-Racer X-1 Boldclash BWhoop Boldclash BWhoop Pro
Eachine E011 Makerfire Armor 65
65mm Frames for 0603/0703 Motors
Boldclash B06-65

*Note that these should be considered relative weights since I’m not sure if my scale is properly calibrated.

Tiny Whoop Battery Connectors

Here are common Tiny Whoop battery connectors you will encounter.

JST PH 2.0
2mm pin distance; Also known as MCPX, JST-2.0; Found in the Furibee F36, Eachine E010/11, JJRC H36.

Molex Battery 2.0

2mm pin distance; Also known as Micro Losi, Walkera; Found on many toy quads and batteries.

Molex Battery 1.25
1.25mm pin distance; Also known as Molex Picoblade, E-flite, JST-1.25 (wrong term since JST-GH is the real 1.25 JST connector); Found on Blade Inductrix and KingKong Tiny 6/7.